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Promethean Dynamic

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Making things pretty isn’t our thing but we can team you up with individuals, agencies & studios who’ll be a perfect match.


Public facing & internal security are both important these days. Security is inherent to all solutions we develop.


Faster and more performant sites help create a better image and increase sales.


Emergency response teams.


24/7 including options for active response & management.


Providing services needed for your day-to-day devOps needs.

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I don’t even know why this question is here. This isn’t “School of _BLANK_” ok?

We provide the tools and knowledge to _BLANK_ your own _BLANK_!

No. That’s a job for crazy people!
(don’t tell them we said that)

Not telling.

You wish.

We can help you help yourself.

That sounds personal.

Don’t get us started!

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