You can actually read this one and it’s plain language, honest, fact.

  • We do not log any data other than the basic weblogs that servers keep temporarily, they’re used to find and fix errors in our web site.
  • We do not use any data for any kind of tracking.
  • We do not share access to our systems or logs or anything else so that anything we could gleen is kept confidential.
  • IF there’s anything that we ask for, store or keep it’s for obvious reasons required to function and do business with you.
  • IF there’s anything that we ask for, store or keep for these obvious reasons, we still don’t share.
    1. For example credit card charges are required to be processed through a gateway to a merchant account.
    2. Such charges are made securely according to industry standards and only the required parties are involved.
    3. Any information we keep about the transaction is only for basic accounting and possibly future customer service.

No spamming, no ads, no tracking, no opt-in marketing lists, no sharing, no thing. Period.